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2008-02-24 5357 God Pleads, Come Back Bro. Kelly Senn
2008-02-20 5356 Healthy Homes Are Happy Homes Pastor Lev Humphries
2008-02-17 5355 Some Things We Don't Want To Forget Pastor Lev Humphries
2008-02-17 5354 Reality Is, There Is A Place Called Hell Pastor Lev Humphries
2008-02-17 5353 Keeping Revival Alive Bro. Don Ramsey
2008-02-13 5352 Some of the Christain's Best Learned Lessons Pastor Lev Humphries
2008-02-10 5351 Facing the Giants Bro. Milton Rawles
2008-02-10 5350 Why Did God Send His Son? Pastor Lev Humphries
2008-02-10 5349 The Tabernacle Bro. Malcolm Harrison
2008-02-06 5348 What Room Do You Occupy Pastor Lev Humphries
2008-02-03 5347 Teen Night Preacher Boys
2008-02-03 5346 Not By Bread Alone Pastor Lev Humphries
2008-02-03 5345 Did You Really Have Revival Pastor Lev Humphries
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