16 Great Years

 It seems like just last year I was writing about the blessings of God we have experienced here at Faith.  This coming Sunday will be the 16th anniversary of my wife and I moving to "sleepy little Niceville" and becoming Pastor to some of the greatest Christians I have ever known.

It is hard to believe, but some of the children we held as infants and toddlers are now teenagers and beyond. I have become Pastor to the children of the children I once Pastored. We have seens hundreds of people saved during these years and many still serving God in almost every part of the World. There are many wonderful success stories of lives changed forever by the Word of God and the God of the Word. I have never regretted for one moment the move and minsitry here at Faith. We have taken our stands, but we never stood alone. We have had our trials, but we never suffered alone. We have seen the Devil win on occasion, but we take the "shield of faith" and fight on for the Glory of God. We know how the story ends and we are on the winning side.

In these 16 years, all the buildings have either been built or remodeled. We are a debt-free ministry and are committed to that philosophy as long as we are here. We have never and will never go to a lending institution to finance God's work here. He has always provided what we need when we need it. I have never preached one message on giving in my ministry! I have never had a fund-raiser and never will! Yes, I do mention tithing on a rare occasion because I believe it to be a Biblical principle. My philosophy is that when God has a person's 
heartstrings, He has their pursestrings. If I can help them give their heart, He will help them give their things. It is comforting to know that "God doesn't need what we have, but He will use what we give." We enlarged our main auditorium in 1991, doubling the size. We are now faced with the need for more room to accommodate capacity crowds. We rejoice in the fact that we have the funds to do this debt-free. "If we will tend to God's business, He will tend to our business." "God's work, done God's way, never lacks God's support." We are Independent as a Baptist Church, but totally dependent upon God for the success of the Ministry.

Our great encouragement is found in Romans 8:28-39. Please read and be blessed. If you are looking for a Church home, I invite you to come and visit. We would be honored to have you.



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